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Saturday, May 8, 2010

AWPE done!

I don't think I have to take the math placement, but I'm not too sure if a biology major needs to take the 10A, B math course or the 20A, B one. If someone know better than what the course page can explain to me, please do share!

AWPE wasn't nearly as hard as the one in my nightmare from last night, in which the passage was something like ancient Greek and they asked for some impossible analysis. It was basically just humanities type of question, what's the writer's view? What's yours? To what context do you now understand the point? Blah. I believe I did decently on the essay, if not one of my slightly better results since it is my first time spending a whole 20 minutes planning it out and taking breaks like every 20 minutes. I was fiddling my thumb trying to relax my mind while everyone else around me are writing in mach speed. It was an intense sight, believe me, but I had to relax or my thoughts would start to go astray.

After getting home from AWPE (thanks to Amy's parents for driving us there and back :3) my mom and I went shopping. Since I have troublesome feet of different sizes each foot, it makes life really, really tough when you're looking for shoes. Hence the reason I'm always wearing sneakers. But then on Friday Hieu and Michelle made some comments concerning my lack of fashion sense that made me realize if I don't start adjusting to that kind of shoes now I won't get the time to do so once I start college. So yea, I think my mom and I are both pretty excited about the idea of prom and dressing up. I might just be influenced by everyone else around me as I always do, but meh.

I was happy that we managed to find some shoe that doesn't make me scream bloody murder or fall off my right foot everytime I try walking. Apparently only shoes with ankle straps or a full round of rubber band around the edge fits, I can't deny my graying heart toward the end of the trip as the only pair of white shoes that fit me and works both for casual wear and prom is this pair of white dressy sandals from the kid's size section.

But man, kids sure wear gaudy looking shoes these days.

The urgent part is that I still couldn't find accessory for prom. I have some at home that doesn't really match because most of my more classy accessory sets are for black dresses that I usually wear, NOT pink. If all else fails I might have to stick with wearing old-fashioned pearl, which would make me feel old. xD But all other ones I've seen so far (and believe me when I say I've seen alot!) are always not hitting the mark on my acceptance scale. *sigh*

Trader Joe's always got great stuff, and the point is repeatedly proven even today. My mom and I found Vintage soda in the soft drink isle, and we both cracked up at the Vintage Cola they've got there. So in a state of random high, we lugged home a few carts of Vintage Orange Creme Soda, Cola, and Ginger Beer (to my mom's disappointment, it was not the same drink from her younger days but rather a mix of soda water and gingerale). Also, the watermelons were on sale today for $3.99 each. We spend a good ten minutes at the crates smacking every decent looking melons and listening to the vibration it produces. Supposedly the more vibrate-y it is, the riper it is? And man, I just had some watermelon smoothie made from the fruit (I am a pro at making smoothie without using any measuring instruments and still get the perfect taste and amount, practice man, practice. ;3) and it has been a really long time since I found watermelon sweet enough to make smoothie w/o any sort of additional sugar and still be good. I teared up a little inside. xD I never tried making smoothie with organic milk before, mostly because we only started drinking organic milk this year, but the milk added this rich and creamy taste to the drink that makes it rival any bought from any fruit juice stores.

Seems like I got pampered instead of my mom as Mother's day is tomorrow... better go work on that present some more!

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