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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week 1

A bunch of stuff happened, and I wasn't planning on posting until I get my pictures from Meng for the weekend. But I keep forgetting and things just keep on piling up. Homework, events, etc. You get the point?

I got a bit sun burnt during Saturday because there was a Meet the Beach event, in which I gallantly decided to build my first sand castle in my entire frigging life. Sad. But true. In the end I made a city and some sandt-3D teddy bears. I'm sure it's on Facebook in some UCSD student's account, I saw people taking pictures. >:3 Met this guy named Randolf who just joined me in the creation of my Sand Town and later on, proved his worth as a fisherman. He would dig his hands into the sand as the tides drains, and vola~ he kept pulling out little sand crabs and clams out of the grains. CLAMS! SAND CRABS! Alive and still wiggling, and the clam kept spitting it's tongue thingie and the sand crabs have females who have roe in their bellies. I was drooling at the thought of BBQing the lot of them. But alas I think it's illegal or something. So I dump them on the sand castle and took some pictures before tossing them back into the sea.

Because I was putting the sun-tan lotion on by myself I couldn't reach my back, so on my back there is a patch of brown from the burn where the shirt couldn't cover. Along with a lining of finger prints from where my lotion stained fingers stopped reaching at. Now I have a cool-ass tan and stuff. :3 Along with my anchor tan line from Un-Olympics still visible.

Then it got really hot until today, which I don't really complain about since I got a chance to actually wear my summer clothes. But the sad part is that I couldn't wear tank tops despite the temperatures because of the burnt on my back, hurts like the pain of truth when I wear the straps. Thought it got very hard to sleep at night because of the layers of sweat piling up over my skin, and I constantly wake up in the middle of the night due to the discomfort. I wish the dorms would install air-con already. Or at least a better air-ventilation system.

The weirdest thing (well, kinda expected, but still weird) is that it started raining and thundering while the sky was still relatively clear. Well, not entirely clear but at least I can see lots of blue. I went down to the Plaza cafe for breakfast in the morning and just when I was about to leave for class, it started pouring. So I had to run back to the room to grab an umbrella, but as Darwin's law indicates, the rain stopped when I got out. xD

And it rained again only after I got back from my first class.


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