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Friday, December 10, 2010

Mint Tea < Green Tea

They took away all the green tea in the cafeteria.

From every. single. cafeteria. I searched throughout campus in a blind rage, so I would know.

They took away my green tea on Finals week.


Since I was too busy to go shopping (I have never actually 'studied' in my life prior to this, it's scary) so I had to substitute the tea with coffee.

Didn't work out well, my stomach isn't too used to it.

On the day before Bio finals (Oh god I needed a really highscore on the finals (100% actually) because I screwed up my midterm, they had NO OTHER TESTS besides that midterm, and I accidentally screwed it up because I didn't know he wants me to write mini ESSAY on the answers of questions that looked like short-answer question!) there was madness of studying, studying and studying.

I practically re-memorized ever lecture the prof has taught through out the year, not pleasant.
I had two cups of coffee in a row, really unpleasant.
There was this event called Undie-Run in which hundreds of people who apparently didn't have finals the next day ran around wearing nothing except what they're seemingly very proud of, in the low 10 ÂșC degrees.

Okay, that was sorta amusing, but not when the noise and madness continued into the night when I was trying to STUDY. Wasn't it suppose to be 24-hours week long quiet hours during finals?

So in the end I got about 3 hours of sleep before hopping out to take my midterm.

I think I did the best I could, my brain has never held so much information at once before and it was miracle i remember most of what happened considering how I was technically incoherent. And the dude sitting next to me smelt funny. AND Jo was leaning over to me the whole 2 hours and I had to lean forward (very uncomfortably I might add) during my test.

At the end I was super-disorientated, hungry, tired, and had a stiff back.

I f**king hate finals.

Chem final tomorrow at 3pm, after that it's OVER! I can actually get to packing my bags and stuff!!! Going home Sat morning, dunno if I'll get much sleep the night before. xD

Also I need to remember returning my Chegg books....

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