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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Uneventful events

Uwah, I don't even remember when my last entry was or what it was about...

Well, I'm in finals week right now, and zombies are everywhere. Coffee driven zombies mumbling mathematical and scientific formulas, and giving everyone who look relatively carefree extremely dirty looks. The kind of looks that say 'I wish you would just drop dead' and 'surrender your coffee and life force'. Yea. It's kind of scary.

I really should be studying a lot more than this, but honestly, I still haven't figured out how to really study. So I'm pretty much just doing ALEKS problems for Chem and reading the text book for Bild.

I had my writing placement test yesterday, way early in the morning. So I tried to go to bed around 12am the night before in order to get the good 9 hours of sleep I'll need, but my body was so used to sleeping around 3am that I couldn't fall asleep at all. AND my stomach was grumbling for like an hour while I rolled in bed trying to sleep, so I got up, ate some ramen, and read some manga, before going back to sleep. At 3am. OTL
I don't think I did really well, the topic was on Twitter and why the author Pitts will never tweet, but the thing is: I don't have a Twitter account. Well, I do, but it was only for the sake of RPing and I really haven't used it much. So I sorta BSed my way through the paper, I sure hope the judges don't use Twitter.... yea right, pretty much anyone has Twitter now-a-days. *doom*

Right afterwards I went with Jobeth on the Scripps Biodiversity Trail by Black's beach for the Bild extra credit. Turns out it's a lot more interesting there than when I first went there for the sunset Argo event. There are little critters all around and with the help of the work sheet we actually managed to pinpoint more life in the environment than what is seen at first glance. Even if many plants and animals are in dormant stages.

We saw a little Desert Cottontail roaming by the start of the loop trail, it was frigging adorable. It was so small, and not really jumpy at human presence, and it started following Jobeth for the first part of the trip... very ninja like behind the shrubs. xD Super cute!

Jobeth has the pictures, I might put them up if he sends them to me soon. :D

One more week and I'm home-bound! I can't wait! x3

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