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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cookie Mafia

I know it's been forever since I posted anything here, and this first post since school started may seem like I'm high, but it's all true! It JUST happened like 5 min ago!

I was down at Rogers to get some late night ice cream (everyone does that once in a while, right?) and when I was walking out of Blake I saw two guys in full black dress suits and wearing shades in the middle of the night! One of the guys was holding a spiffy looking suitcase that screams 'biohazard' like the kind that carries drugs in movies. So I watch them head to the other side of Blake past that parking lot place.

Then I went to Rogers and made my purchase. As I was getting my ice cream scoop from the worker there, the same two dude walks in and up to the cashier. They didn't have the suitcase this time, and the guy w/ the shades that had white rims (the other was black rimmed) asks the cashier if she wants some cookies. And he continuously insisted that 'it's nothing suspicious' which made it more suspicious. Then he proceeds to claims that the two of them are from a secret services and they just go around letting people try cookies? Or something? When the cashier continue to say no (with good reasons, I'm sure. Otherwise why would you reject a bunch of free cookies?) the guy reaches in his pocket and...

.... pulled out his wallet. (wtf lol!?) Then he asked if he can have a chocolate chip cookie and then paid the girl.

Weirdest thing yet. And I live in San Diego now.

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