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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello Daniel's Sakura filled birthday

April is the time for childish pranks and humiliated faces.
April is the time for heavy showers and never-drying socks.
April is the time for cherry blossoms and flower viewings.
April is the time for my friend Daniel's birthday.
And April is the time when we get to punch him 18 times on the arm until he bruises.

Although it is a few days early, my friends and I went out on our traditional 'hang out for a full day' birthday celebration for D. (he doesn't want me to put his name up too much for some reason). Coincidentally today is the second round of San Francisco's Cherry Blossom (Sakura) festival so we all made our way there via whatever transportation convenient.
Apparently, there is this cupcake shop downtown that sells killer cupcakes. However, the supreme taste comes with a ridiculous price. $3 for a regular cupcake and $1.50 for the mini ones. The question most people would ask is: "Is it worth the money?"

My Answer? "Totally!"
(The one I got to the right is "Chocolate Strawberry")

Besides being a total pig gorging on expensive sweets, I was also being a total girl by being swept up in the strong urges to buy things when you are downtown in San Francisco. We went through Westfield mall, and through tons of awesome booths at the Sakura festivals. The result is that I broke my wallet (literally and figuratively, my wallet zipper snapped sometime around lunch) and feels extremely guilty about the money I 'wasted'.

Absolutely the Coolest! Its a zebra backpack! I almost bough it because it reminded me of Kamuri. But I couldn't, not when I already have a Gloom gloom backpack at my disposal. While my wallet felt tragically empty, my arm was heavily loaded. Boo-yah at the bullet belt wrist band! (I also found a ring that actually fits my scrawny fingers, but its not in the picture...)

Sanrio. Home of various Hello Kitties, melodies, Kero whatevers and many, many, many other mascot with their head sized twice to trice of that of their bodies.
Tell me this isn't awesome and I'll give you the WTF look. In case you couldn't see the words, the green shirt says "Mochi is nice. Mochi is rice." In the end I got me a pin of that slogan by signing up to that BlackLava's email list. The blue shirt says "TOFU. Save a Cow. Eat Tofu."


Little bargains here and there ended up with an armful of cool accessories, some awesome mooch (fried mochi is the best), and extremely sore heels. Darn lack of exercise!

I was very happy with me 'Mi So Happy' shirt as well as the various pins and whatnots that I savaged in the day. And as a demonstration of how satisfied I am with today, I am not buying anything useless until FANime. *determined*

It is nothing to be proud of, but mid-way through the shopping spree I had to ask my friends to restrain me the next time I wander off saying 'how cute!' or 'ooh!'. I even had to call my mom and ask her to scold me to stop, I think she was a bit shocked. xD

Then we had lunch/dinner (whatever) at KuiShinBo nearyby. The soba I had there was by far THE best I've ever eaten. The soup didn't taste like artificial flavorings, it was real broth. Like, actual meat and onion broth!

After all the Sakura festival fiasco, we returned back to town for D.'s actual birthday party and cake. We made the cake a day prior using a recipe I am not familiar with. I have never made tea cakes before, only ate it, so it turned out sorta weird when we forgot to put in the oil because the hand-copied recipe was missing steps. We decided to make the cake the head of Hello Kitty because its for 'Hello' Daniel, it is some sort of a b-day prank I supposed. D. had to blow the candles for 18 times before my friends were satisfied. The air was stifling and the room smelt bad. D. looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

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