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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deviled eggs

My psychology class is having a little party tomorrow and everyone was suppose to bring some food for the class. I saw a recipe online for deviled eggs, and after trying one at a little sandwich shop near my school I decided to try making some. The process was a lot harder than the instructions on the web, mostly because the eggs I used were tiny chickie eggs and not the large eggs they told me to use. Couldn't be helped, there weren't any large eggs in the fridge. Then the recipe called for some rather disagreeable ingredients such as mustard and... bacon grease? I was appalled by the thought and quickly looked around some more too see if there is another type of deviled eggs more suitable to my taste. Finally I found one, it is a sweet and sour deviled egg's recipe and it involved seemingly harmless ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and sugar. However, as all things are doomed to go bad, the egg paste turned all liquidy instead of gooey. I did my best to slop the egg 'juice' on the egg white shells and tried not to spill too much paprika. In the end it still turned out really odd.
Behold the finishing product!

Then I had a bunch of left over egg goo, what to do with them? It happens so I was making potatoes for dinner, so I just went ahead and dump the mashed up potatoes into the egg goo and made myself some awesome egg salad.


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