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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AP stands for ass pain, or in more polite terms: Sitting too long

Pardon the french that isn't really French up in my title. But that was what's on my thought right now. And I won't deny the influence of Kick-Ass still.

So yes, suffering high school students out there, you are not alone! Because the Spanish Language AP exam room sure looked too populated to be considered lonesome. In fact, why can't they provide us with say... individual sound proof rooms or something? The saddest part about the noise level during the test (it had a few listening parts in it, for crying out loud!) was the fact that our underpaid proctors were the ones making the noises. *sigh*

By the time the exam was over I had trouble climbing back up the stairs and out the building. As a joke of sorts because I promised Hieu I'll definitely blog about this: Hieu left me behind when I was stumbling in the stairs and was talking to this tall guy in our class named Simon who is nothing like me except for nationality the whole time, thinking I was that guy. There! I've blogged about it. 3:<

Ate lunch at Toomie's Thai Cuisine and totally skipped tutoring in 6th period due to the lack of heart and motivation, it would be the fault of either senioritis or just me. The Flaming Beef (#45 on the menu) and the mango sticky sweet rice both rocked the house. As a matter of fact the flaming beef was actually, literally burning. For a few moments at least, before it disappeared. After lunch, Hieu, Amy and I just bummed around Park Street and I stayed at Books Inc. until it was time to head home. -w-

Yea, it going to be a busy week since I slacked today.

On a completely random note, I can't WAIT til this week's over so I can get back to drawing. And fixing my tablet estupido. D:<

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