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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kick Ass = ass kick?

This whole week was of pure suffering and agony...

for all 9th to 11th graders of which I am not!

Ha! It felt SOOOooooo great to NOT have to go to school and just SIT there taking the STAR testings, or whatever new name they call it by now. For the past three years it was hell on earth having to actually taking the tests and not blow them off because it would destroys our school's ranking and hence makes it harder to get into a good college. But I have no such torments to undergo this year! For I AM A SENIOR!!!!

Let the echos sound trough the world and my fellow high school seniors rejoice along me!

Anyways, craziness aside. Turns out that the reason my left contact just doesn't quite fit and doesn't really helps my vision is because of my eye. The optometrist explained this but I still don't get it, but apparently my left eye makes the lens (on a side note: I learned that a contact lens is spelled L-E-N-S, and not LEN) turn inward, and therefore the focal point doesn't match. ??? Well, whatever, I'm getting the 'right' lens on Monday.

On yet another brilliant note, never ask for shots and drawing blood AND health check up in one go. Or, if you're like me and prefers to get the pain over with in one gigantic, arm-disabling go, then by all means DO so. After the said painful health procedures at the beginning of the week my left index finger hurts because of the blood iron testing thingie. My elbow joint can't really bend because when the nurse that drew blood for another test didn't really make her fabled 'butterfly needle' as light as it had sounded. I think she might've pierced through my vein because the bleed didn't stop for a long, long time even with pressure applied over it and there is now this nasty (butterfly shaped, ironically) bruise under my skin around the needle wound. Lastly, but not the least painful, the vaccination shot I got just below my elbow made me feel like I got punched by Chuck Norris. And I don't even know how hard the guy hits.

,Owo, .... Pity me, owwie!


Today was fairly awesome, I went to the movies with my prom date so we get use to each other before the real thing. Annoyingly, 'How to Train Your Dragon' was NOT airing even though the web for the cinema said it was. So we had to pick another movie instead. Our next best choice was 'Kick Ass'.

I have nothing in particular against the movie (minus the various gender and sexual-orientation related innuendos/jeers) and I would recommend it to anyone who has nothing against potty mouths and gore. But somehow, the morality of the movie was fairly low. Yes, they did a great job showing that it doesn't take 'super' power to be a 'hero' in society but they made it seem like killing is perfectly okay as long as you're having about 13 cameras pointing at you snapping down every matrix you perform at every possible angle. It sort of irked it a lot. However, the flip side is that the single most 'kick ass' character in the entire movie is this one cute little eleven-years-old girl code-named 'Hit Girl'.

I might've voted for her just because her alias has some serious Mafia references... Yea, I'm a Katekyo Hitman Reborn fangirl alright... -w-

One last thing I ought to put down and REMEMBER to get to the next time I visit Jack London Square's farmer's market. The Indian Naan they sell there for $7 is worth every single buck you throw in. Especially the chicken one, I am no personal fan of curry chicken but that was De-eeee-licious!

Note to self: Buy one extra next time to bring home. >:3

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