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Monday, May 17, 2010

Senior Prom and its aftermath

As senior ball approached, the conversations you hear in the hallways transformed from 'who are you going with' to 'I have a salon appointment at xxx time'. I can't say that it wasn't irritating to hear the little girls' conversations move out into the school halls but at the same time I thought it's kinda cute how everyone is all prepared for one of the only formal events in our high school career.

May 15th came, and I slept as much as I could that day. But unfortunately and stupidly of me, I had a doctor's appointment early that morning so my nappy hours were drastically cut back. I suppose I was still better off than the majority of the people that didn't get any sleep at all beforehand. -w-

My date for prom was Wayne, along with four other fine ladies and two other gents.I would hail myself as a genius for bringing along a furry cape that day, San Francisco is COLD even before night falls and FREEZING after night falls. There were some issues with some of the girls' outfits (including mine, but I acted like there wasn't xD ) and some crushing of the corsages. Had dinner at this Chinese cuisine place called Garden or something, but I didn't dare to eat too much or risk a beer gut through my dress. But the guys sure can eat. 3:<

There were two chocolate fountains at prom! I thought there'd only be one but there were two. One for milk choco and the other white. <3 Me likie chocolate~

Although I personally can't agree w/ the music, or the fact that everyone's humping and freaking out there in the dance floor. I have no idea how to follow the beat (or freak, for that matter) so Wayne and I sorta escaped the prom half the time. The security guy at the balcony kept trying to persuade us back inside so he doesn't have to keep watch on us outside in the cold. xD Funny guy.

Despite the mild awkwardness and my OTL at striking conversations about inter-racial conflicts and family relationships, the prom was an over-ally good night for me. Or in Michelle's terms, 'good bonding time'.

But I'll be damned if I lie and say I wasn't exhausted the next day. My internal clock was totally screwed thanks to that one night out. *sigh* I am so NOT suitable for staying out at night and hanging.

And lolz, it seems like Wayne and I are going out now. I dunno what to expect, or what to be expected of myself, so I guess I'll just go with the flow for now.

Now if only Michelle and Hieu would stop smiling meaningfully everytime I see them. xp

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