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Friday, May 21, 2010

18th B-day family dinner

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday, so my family celebrated the event with a nice dinner at the local Applebee's. Gosh I love that restaurant!

My aunt and uncle were there, with balloons! Yes, having helium-blown, latex textured balloons freak the heck out of me because I fear they might blow up by my ear any time. But it is still nice to recieve balloons for my birthday, and they are now drifting by my ceiling where my cat continues to attack the strings.


Besides stuffing myself silly with food and MEAT, Applebee's was nice enough to give me an ultra-mega huge chocolate fudge sundae shoot. Free of charge! Ain't they nice people!?

So yea, I am very content right now, rubbing my 5/6 full belly like the cat that got his(her) cream. Thanks Jim, Sandy, and Mom for bring me out to stuff my face like a greedy little hog. xD I love it!

three more hours and I'm legal..... *waits*

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