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Friday, August 6, 2010

Am I prepared? Obviously not.

I did a few famous zombie readiness tests on that one site called Cupid or whatever. I did quite a few tests, because one must never rely the result of a single test. And the results are way less satisfying than I had thought. I REALLY need to get a hold of a machete soon... and a fortified house.

and maybe a tank.

and a team of allies that wouldn't abandon me. Because according to one of the tests: I'm invincible while surrounded by people that will work for me, but if I am left alone I'm screwed.

Apparently, while I'm 100% more resourceful and 93% better quipped with zombie-survival knowledge (I sorta memorized most of Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide... at a fearful point of my life) than my peers of the same age and sex, I am well below-average when it comes to being actually prepared (mentally and substantially) for the Z-Day. I can't run for more than a minute at full speed before I'm worn out, I have little to no stamina or endurance to swing around a bat in times of need. I can barely drive a four wheel VW and nothing else (no ships, no planes), and I don't now how to make bombs out of the supplies I have in my bathroom cabinet (yet, I'm gonna be a bio-major you know?).

So when the world ends and the undead spreads like the black plague, you will either find me on the top of a command chain. Either being one of the brains behind the STRONGEST Zombie Defense Force that man-kind will still have, OR one of the brains (half-eaten or not) behind a platoon of flesh-eating ghouls hungry for living 'snacks'. It would all depend on my luck and the circumstances.

Hopefully the world would be populated by enough zombie-obsessed nerds (such as I, albeit very fearfully) and even more of the said fanatics who actually trained themselves for the Z-Day when the Z-Day does happen. And even more hopefully (oh so desperately) they would be near me and my beloved ones enough to save us before we're eaten.

But before that, I'm going to seriously consider working on my physicals and maybe get me some weapons.

I don't think weapons are allowed in college dorms though. Maybe something not so glaring then...

On a slightly related and yet very unrelated note, we humans really need to think of a way to stop the polar ice-caps from melting. Because it seems that (according to various sources) staying in sub-zero degree environments would not only freeze zombie movements, but also kill the parasite in their brains. Hence, destroying the zombies without risk (frostbite doesn't count). So we have to either find a way to stop global climate change, or we have to built giant space launchers and shoot zombies at the sun.

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