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Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome week!

Super awesome is UC San Diego!

It's currently week zero, and also known as Welcome week. A week full of cool events hosted either by the school itself, student organizations, the residential halls, or just the floor of a residential hall. I'm so looking forwards to this. Classes don't start until Thursday but meh, sounds fine with me~

I tried to do the jogging event this morning, and the key word is 'tried'. I gave up about 7 minutes into the jog and just walked the way through, and met this guy from Muir with a cool ass name 'Tapakorn'. Tap. A. K(C)orn. That's about the coolest name I've heard in a while. Tap couldn't catch up either so we just sorta walked a circle in the forest trail and headed back to PC where Chase was giving out free granola bars and coffee, it was free. xD

There's are hella other cool events going on today like Under the Sea (a 2000 waterballoon fight for Revelle) and the Cliff (sunset sighting trip?), I'm probably going to be dead tired by the end of the day because all the events I'm going to starting after noon are consecutive, which means no meals in between. Luckily my suitemates and Yushan and I went to the La Jolla Village Square yesterday and shopped for stuff, otherwise I wouldn't even have had that apple for breakfast this morning. -w- now I'm stocked with food~!

I might be catching a cold, but then again I've said this since a week ago.

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