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My Simplicity Complex is my first blog. It seems like everyone is making one of these now-a-days so I decided that it is time to join the fad.
This blog will function as something like a diary or a journal log for myself concerning my new college life or just about life in general.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Living in Revelle

I got my macbook pro yesterday morning, but had to leave for the orientation starting at 8am. I didn't get to come back to my room until almost 11pm, so by the time I set it up it was around today already. But at last I got it set up, I'm just gunna stick with osx for now and see how it homes for me... I mean, as long as I have photoshop I should be ok....

I'll go download Openoffice after this post.

Good news: I organized very well so my room is now awesome. Right now only a suitemate and I are in the suite because everyone else left for home. Jealous.
Bad news: all the dinning places in campus closes either 5pm or 6pm before tomorrow (official school opening?) so my suitemate and I missed dinner... yea. And then it turns out that the water boiler my mom got me never got put into use seeing how the water boiled turns a murky color and there's a flimsy layer of plastic? over the surface of the water... AND it smells like burnt rubber. Good enough excuse to not drink it. So I had to go downstairs to a friend's room because her roomie has a water boiler that is metal and WORKS in order to get the cupnoodle I wisely purchased earlier today to be edible. So Meng and I had a feast for kings consisting of water and cupnoodles tonight. I sure hope that doesn't symbolizes anything about my college life or diet. xD

So now it's day -2 of school and I already need a new kitchen appliance. m(__)m

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