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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spirit Day

Yesterday, October 20th, was Spirit Day. Out of respects to those who have passed away due to anti-gay bullying, I contribute a piece of art.

That aside, it has been a while since I updated my blog. Alot of stuff happened, finals, six-flags, movies, etc. I'll just go in chronological order.

Went with my dorm res-hall planned trip last Saturday to Six Flags for the haunting attraction that they hold during ever Halloween. I was expected to be terrified at the level 3 scare zones and mazes at night but I was gravely disappointed. Nothing scared me as much as the ride X2 did. I swear I almost saw the end of the tunnel while going on the ride. My nextdoor-suitemate-now-friend Esmeralda was extremely supportive (and crazy about thrill rides) and she sorta gripped my hand throughout the whole thing. I was so worried that I might rip her arm off in fright but fortunately that did not happen. The night time haunted houses-like attraction and scare zones reminds me greatly of the haunted out event Key club did in the Veteran's building every Halloween season. Ah, good memories. Besides the fact that six flag's staff was better funded, we were pretty much as good as they were. *nodnod*

Had a buncha mid-terms this week. I did terrible in Chem, as expected. They score didn't come out yet but I am guess a D or so. It's a diverted bell curve in class lolz. Luckily we have two mid-terms and we get to drop one of them if we don't like the score, so I'll work hard and try to keep up with the second one's homework and get a better score. -w-; Math I think I did well, won't be getting any idea about how I did yet until my math section later on.... well, I felt like I did well....?

Because of the mid-terms, the residential hall is going all out on the break events. There was even a dance thing going on last night, which blasted my eardrums apart within five seconds of entrance. I fled in record time. xD

Oh, almost forgot, I got appointed the secretary of the Revelle College Assembly! I can't believe they let a freshman do the job but hey I'm not complaining. It's a lot of work, and we actually have to be productive unlikes some highschool clubs. I'm so looking forward to see what we can accomplish with our POWAH!

Going to skip the Casino Night event tonight at the dorms and go watch Despicable Me at the school theater for $3 with Jobeth. :D

I think there was something else, but probably irrelevant because I can't remember. x3

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  1. ouuu...Congrats on being the secretary! Hope it all goes well. Have a Happy Halloween! =D