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This blog will function as something like a diary or a journal log for myself concerning my new college life or just about life in general.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Are you all ready for the year of the Rabbit!?

Not to mention the first few weeks where you keep writing the wrong year in the date? Haha.

Above is a inspiringly cute picture of a little rabbiting eating the inedible~ Hope that was cute enough. It was either that or Rin from Vocaloid in bunny suit.

I still fail to get Paint Tool SAI since there's no Mac version and using Crossover kills the tablet pressure sensitivity, I am going to have to partition my laptop and download SAI in Windows.... *sigh* I was hoping to do it in the same frame, guess not.

That, or unless something helpful on dA gives me an alternative, but not likely.

Hung out with Elizabeth and her sister Jessica yesterday at the library, and tried (with little success) at getting SAI to work for my Mac. Gave up, fiddled with Liz's SAI and literally fell in love with the program. So I'm going to get it now, no matter what. >:3 For free of course.

Then today, out of the blue, we went bowling. But we I mean only Hieu, Amy, Jennifer and I. Everyone else couldn't make it. And we sorta bummed around alot before actually bowling. I sucked, and Amy, as usual, did brilliant. And we had weird bowling names thanks you yours truly and Hieu's earlier (entirely unintended I'm sure) joke. TheWeirdOne, TheSmartOne, TheSmallOne, TheChosenOne. You can easily guess which is whose. xD

I can't feel my thumb right now, and I tore some skin in my index finger.... I seriously need to exercise more.

Speaking of exercise, I debated on whether or not should I bring my badminton racket with me, then decided against it. It's not like anyone's there to play w/ me. 3:>

I'm going back to UCSD tomorrow, and thus will begin another long three months of respected higher-education. I am envious of those who will continue to enjoy their freedom until mid-January. Speaking of January, it is also near the time for Spirit Night in UCSD, and that can only mean lots of work for Revelle College Assembly if we want to win. And I do think we do want to win. *sighs*

I DID do a spanking awesome poster before break tho, wonder if it's printed out yet?

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