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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Merciless Week

First week back to school, and I almost died.

It started off with staying over at Jobeth's apartment for the Saturday night and then making the guy lug my luggage back to Revelle the next morning (but hey, I treated him to Islands the night before!). Then I was unpleasantly welcomed back to my room by my roomate's moldy fridge. I spent about an hour cleaning it, then another vacuuming the place. Right afterwards I was kidnapped by the RCA members that were working on Spirit Night posters and spend another hour among paint thinner and stuff.

Mel was suppose to come back to the dorms around 5pm Sunday that day, but thanks to the crazy rain going on she was stuck in the highway and didn't make it back until almost 11pm. Yea, that was nuts.

I have a lot of homework for this quarter, in contrast to last quarter where only one class has required homework. And Humanities started off with 27 chapter 'light reading' of the effing Bible. Reading the Bible has made me convinced that we, humans, are indeed made in the image of god. We create an destroy things at whim, we believes that killing things is the solution to all problems, and we play favorites like nobody's business.

Then there was Bild1, much to my disappointment, Bild1 was pretty much just like Chem6a so far. I already have a chem6b class, I don't really need another one. So, upset about the lack of biology in my life, I went to my Bild87 seminar rather happily (at last I got accepted this quarter!). It has only been one session but I think I like it alot already. Just sitting there for an hour and 50 minutes actually made me think that it's a-okay for zombies or plague or whatever to wipe us humans off the planet, since we are obvious killing it.

I'm sorta dying from the sheer amount of reading and homework...
Okay, I'm sorta blaming the work, but the reading and homework themselves aren't so hard. It's just time consuming (tho I read super fast! :D) and I haven't worked on my dA deadlines yet. I'm about 20% done on the Helios round 4 entry and there's only a week left to go. OTL


I am currently suffering from serious bouts of stomach flu, OR vitamin C overdose. I can't tell. I'll try and rest some today and get cracking on the homework tomorrow.......

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