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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seaweed cravings

It's been almost a month since I wrote anything!?

Wow, time sure flies.

Well, better catch up now.

First of, I (and 4 other people) won the Gotcha game. Hilariously, it was on the day of lunar new years. It was actually a 5-way tie but I also got the most kills, so yay! Won $60-ish gift cards. I was planning to just use the money and get my floormates a feast but seems like the school can't give us gift cards of stores that sells alcohol. For obvious reasons.

Spirit Night was extremely tiring, I spend 5 hours in the morning doing non-stop decorating, and had to do some last minute posters because I and Skylar were the only artists in RCA and they didn't plan ahead of time. Apparently people thinks that someone else will take care of things, but they forgot that RCA is that 'someone else', so RCA can't really want for a miracle to happen.
In the end Warren won, as expected. Even though they sabotaged some of the other schools' decorations. But they did have spirits, all the spectators were very enthusiastic and very well-prepared with their costumes. I think I'm going to make the Spirit Night preparation my project next year if I'm still in RCA, and make sure we win.
Afterwards RCA and RCC had a mixer at Yousaf and Brent's place. Then everyone started getting smashed and playing beer pong. I left pretty early, securing Jimmy, who was un-drunk, as the driver. Since I figured if I stayed any longer, I might not make it back that night.

Had a semi-relaxing week afterwards, but I was also running on the HC round 5 deadline. I have about a week left, and I need to whip out about 6 pages of comics by then. But that might be hard, since next week is mid-term week.

Went to San Diego Zoo this Thursday with the Wildlife Conservation Seminar class. I wish I have a camera, I dunno how I forgot to buy one of those disposable ones before hand. Considering how much I was looking forward to it.
We were pretty dang lucky, since there were lots of baby animals when we got there. There were baby scream birds (not sure if i got the name right... probably not) that looked like kiwi fluffs; there was a baby male hippo sun bathing/napping with his mom. The mom sorta made eye contacts with every one in the audience, we all swore she looked at us. xD There was also supposed to be a baby Royal antelope but we didn't get to see it. The adults were so small at first I thought they were the babies. haha.

We were just really lucky in general, we got to see a lot of animals active even during the middle of the day. Like the tiger was prowling in front of his room door because he was locked out and he was acting like a cat locked out of the house, trying to get back in. There was a koala actually awake and munching on some leaves, the rest were all sleeping tho. And then we saw the panda! I think her name was Gao Gao but I'm not sure, she was circling around the exhibit site with this kinda irritated rush and making growling and honking sounds. The message I got from her was 'I'm unsatisfied with my life, and my marriage, and I want a vacation'. Weird, huh?
Then we were in time to see the parrot parade thing at 4pm when we were leaving the zoo, at first I thought it was an escape, but luckily it wasn't.

Next week is midterm week, so I'm studying. Ish. Sorta.
I should be working harder, but the Valentine wave sorta swept me up. Haha. That, and Photoshop froze on me yesterday so I lost 3 hours worth of work. I'm going to have to redo it.

I really, really need to learn to save.

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