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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kitty eyepatches

I don't even remember when my last entry is, but since then our floor has been playing Gotcha. Gotcha is basically a game where every participant has a target they need to tag, and it's formed a ring among the players. Each day there's a safety item, and if you wear it properly you cannot get tagged. Today I got three targets in a row, pretty sweet. I was dormant during the week because of my mid-terms so I guess they thought I wasn't after them.

I think they're scared of me.

But now I tie with the player that got tagged out a while back of the higher kill-rate. 4. Yea. But my last target seems to think that wearing his eye patch on his forehead counts and stuff. It doesn't. I ran into walls and doors and almost fell down stairs today because of the stupid safety item of an eyepatch, and I do not think wearing it on your forehead was an option.

My eye patch was a Kiki kitty. Just like how it was a Kiki plushie during the safety day when it was a stuffed animal. I'm kitty obsessed? xD

Mom's b-day was yesterday, but I've been really busy so I didn't draw her anything. Spirit Night is coming up, and let's just say things haven't been going well with the Warvelleans in 4th floor. They are technically Warrens living in Revelle Argo hall, but they wouldn't let us put up the triton decoration over their 4th floor window and now our giant Triton is missing pieces. haha.

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have to read for Hum now.

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