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My Simplicity Complex is my first blog. It seems like everyone is making one of these now-a-days so I decided that it is time to join the fad.
This blog will function as something like a diary or a journal log for myself concerning my new college life or just about life in general.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Break Out the Cider!

Even if there IS going to be an earthquake tomorrow, I'm still super excited now! Finals just ended for me and I'm eating my celebratory flan that I bought yesterday! Sweet, sweet nectar of relief. I think I did shitty, but there might be a curve. For now, I'll just keep eating.

And because we are responsible college students we're going to drink cider instead of... other unfavorable beverages that might get us in jail, I can't wait til my other freed comrades get back from their finals so we can savor the sweetness of hip-hip-hurrah together. =w=b

Coming home tomorrow by 3pm! Super happy. Better start packing soon....

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