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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Autism in the air, shrimps and crabs, and Popeye's nonprofitable shirt-business

Today was a longgggg day.

I got up around 9:15am and started doing the final round of clean up in my room. Packing up the laptop, wires, and taking out the trash and stuff. Then by 10:15am I was out the door to Peterson's for the UCSD Shuttle to the airport, I was dumb enough to take a sideway seat and basically felt a bit car sick on the way. Another girl going back to oakland (there were a lot of us) told me that her mom said that there was rain in the Bay Area, I worried the plane might get delayed.

It did, but only for about half an hour or so.

When we did get one the plane, I was lucky enough to score a front row seat with lots of leg rooms. However, I was unfortunate enough to have my carry-on and my backpack in two completely different compartments since there was this weird bump in my chair and my backpack couldn't fit under. I napped for about half an hour through and was then awakened by something awkward.

There are two blind passengers on our ride, one with a guide dog on board and the other with something I'm guessing to be Autism. The man with Autism had to use the bathroom midway into the flight, but when he got out of the tiny stall he was startled by the sudden change in space size or just the general rocking or SOMETHING. He freaked and immediately plastered himself on the wall and hugged the ceiling, and he was tall enough to do it too. The two flight attendants had no idea what to do and he was twitching so hard and apologizing because he knows his body is acting against the common decency but he was just panicking. In the end I had to switch seat with him because my seat was the first seat of the first row where the attendants can keep an eye on him (dunno why they didn't do so in the first place) and I sat next to the other blind lady. She was named Clara and she was a very nice lady, and her guide-dog was incredibly cute. It took my feet as it's pillow and sorta nudged my feet together towards her until she liked the position, and fell asleep on them. My leg went numb half way but I endured it, it was too cute.

Due to the weather and the slow evacuation of the passengers because of the handicapped duo, I didn't get out until 3pm something. Almost immediately after returning home from some light grocery shopping we went over to Auntie Kim's house and had a feast.

There were at least four pounds of shrimps total, in cold dish and hot dish. Then there were crabs, chicken, duck, sandwich wraps, salted soybeans (my new addiction), and chinese soup. I was so effing happy you have no idea.

Then I got to hang out with Popeye, Michelle, and Sam, which is awesome because we don't get to do that alot. (-w-)b And we basically wasted time until it was time for me to go home.

Also, apparently Popey is making shirts now, and he designed his own logo? I'm not sure about that topic but he promised all three of us shirts. 8D

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