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Friday, April 1, 2011

Super bright blue sky

I totally forgot to update my blog since the beginning of the Spring break because of some technical difficulty. While Popeye was trying to partition my mac with windows b/c I've been bugging him since forever about getting Paint Tool Sai, the disc wiped Mac off my laptop and I lost all files... and osx. So the majority of the break was spent with my poor baby in ICU and/or me trying to salvage some of my lost files. I'm still in Orphan 00745 lol.

Before the last day of break, the gang hung out together. Yushan, Amy, Hieu and I went to SF to do some shopping. And I got me a pair of shorts from Forever21. It was put to good use yesterday when the weather hit almost 80's. C:

Weather's been lovely yesterday and today. I woke up around 10 am at the brightest blue sky I've seen in a long time. But it gets cold again for a week starting tomorrow, so bummer to that. I'm wearing a sun dress before the chances run out. >:3

Ever since the quarter began I've been really, insanely busy with RCA because I'm still trying to get all the paper work back and organized, and I'm hosting Humans vs. Zombies after all. It has been a lonely battle, and yesterday was my first Info session for the game and only 5 people came. Everyone else promised to come to today's, they better.

Well, I can't blame them. Even I have been studying and preoccupied by the Matsuri Japanese festival at UCSD. Many of my friends (and I) were all shocked to see our poor grades last quarter (I even got a C in math, which is normally impossible), so we're bucking up and actually studying...
right when the weather starts to get good too.

Besides nomming on ACTUAL takoyaki (with real octopus and shit inside!), kinako mochi (the sugar just melts over the surface and forms a caramelized crust), chicken skewers, and choco banana. I went and won myself a water yo-yo and made a Mukuro fan... I couldn't help it lol. I saw that yellow paper and just HAD to do it. They didn't have red marker tho, so I can to color it when I got back to my room. There was a silent auction to raise funds for Japan tsunami relief, and someone brought in a 100 days old, pure bred Yorkshire Terrier with a starter bid of $500. Poor thing, didn't even have a cage, and it was SO overwhelmed by the sheer amount of noise and people trying to pet him. He would probably get brain trauma after all the petting yesterday.

It was very cute tho.

That pretty much sums up things, I have to go study bio now.

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