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My Simplicity Complex is my first blog. It seems like everyone is making one of these now-a-days so I decided that it is time to join the fad.
This blog will function as something like a diary or a journal log for myself concerning my new college life or just about life in general.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jellyfish hair

Like, in the beginning of summer break, I went to my usual stylist for a hair cut. I meant to say 'cascade layer from the top down and stop at the jawline' for a short hair cut. Somehow it turned out weird in Chinese and became 'chop off the top and stop at the jaw but keep the rest'.

I was pretty miffed about it for like one hour, then I was quickly sidetracked by that Vietnamese 3 color drink my mom got me, and now I quite like it. It's kinda cute and spunky. 8D

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