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My Simplicity Complex is my first blog. It seems like everyone is making one of these now-a-days so I decided that it is time to join the fad.
This blog will function as something like a diary or a journal log for myself concerning my new college life or just about life in general.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Inorganic Salt

It's summer now, I've missed so much since my last post, so I'll just skip them. It was crazy moving out, my muscles hurt like I never exercised before... wait, I didn't. So now I'm finally back home, took my cat very little convincing to know I'm not a threat. Mostly because I let her have meat. Bribery, the simplest form of persuasion ever. I'm taking sociology and anthropology during summer to get the GE done faster, but ironically I'm hitting 1.7 GPA and am on probation until I get it up. I'll manage. Luckily the first 16 units of fail can be made up. So if I work hard I should be okay. Better shape up I suppose.

Finals week was rather crazy, and after seeing hyperboleandahalf's blogs today (and laughing at her simple dog) I drew this:
That conversation actually happened. I burst out laughing while getting my cola. That girl studied too hard for chem that's for sure. While I on the other hand totally didn't study enough. OTL

Well, life goes on. I'll work hard and see what happens.

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