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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On some sort of roll... hopefully egg roll

I have no idea how I managed to accomplished this. I am currently lacking sleep, stressing over little nothings, and annoyed by the thought of picking a class in the local community college during summer. Still, I somehow managed to finish three pieces of artwork (one was sketched yesterday) and still have enough time to blog about it before I sleep.

All three pictures involve pokemons because I drew them for the Pokemon Battle Frontier DeviantArt group I am in. Here's a link to check out: PKMN-Battle-Frontier

The first one is called "The Imaginary Kingdom of Two". Based on the fact that children have crazy imagination and for them, everything is the beginning of an adventure. While drawing this, I was trying to portray Rue (the green-haired girl) as a sort of nature-bounded girl making a crown out of a straw hat, and tiaras out of flower rings.

The 2nd one is a comic, you won't get it unless you're in the dA group.

This is the last one I just finished up. My friends and I were having this Skype conversation about how it would be cute to see a Dratini in a sweater because it wouldn't really be a sweater but rather a legwarmer or a sock. I did "The Leg-warmerxSock Combo" in a hurry so the coloring is a bit bland. I wasn't even thinking of coloring it to begin with.

Feels like it has been a loonnngggg time since I drew this many pictures in a day, such is the sensation of relief I suppose. Right now I feel like I can go run a mental marathon! A physical one? Nah.

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