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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Friday before the end of spring break

Wuah, somehow this week seems to have passed me by so quickly. I mean, I sort of understand how the longer you want a break to stretch the shorter the hours would seem to become but this still feels pretty short. I should totally finish up my assignments before it ends, haha... Well, I've done most of it so I only need to push through the last bit. =w=;

My mom's talking a lot about attending a community college during the summer quarter and take some of the basic classes like Calculus and Biology during that time before the start of my first year at UCSD. I doubt that the level of what they teach you at a community college would compensate an UC course of three quarters in just one. And I don't even know if the units would be covered during summer. I'll have to talk to my counselor about this soon.

Another annoying thing I have to do in preparation for college is the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE) that I have to take in May 8th because my level of writing skills isn't high enough for the UCs yet. *sigh* That sounds like even more trouble than I already have on my plate. The world is rather tough on its people, it's like I can't afford to slack even a bit anymore until I die now that I'm entering the so-call 'world of the adults'. I kind of miss those good old days during middle school where you just lax around and hang out with your buddies.

Excessive past-yearning can't be good for my mental health so I'll stop for now. Instead, it would be nice if someone knows the answers to my frustration and tell me via email. =w=

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  1. i think i just didnt take that placement exam and just took the preparatory course that replaces it my first year.

    but if you take the exam i would give you this as advice:

    1. write simple. if a sentence can be simpler as is, leave it as. dont make anything fancy because more fancy = more chance the reader wont understand what you mean. go as far as you can from writing like you're used to reading by authors in novels. just get to the point in each sentence.

    2. take 25%-50% of your allowed time to brainstorm. i usually come up with a thesis (just anything, anything you can argue for/against that the prompt asks). then i circle the thesis.
    from the thesis circle: i come up with 3 ideas to supports that thesis, draw a circle around each idea as the topic.
    then from each idea/topic, come up with 2 examples, no circling ;D. then you've made some sort of logic tree ;D
    after, start writing using that tree.

    that's how i organize my ideas now and wish someone had told me how to do it earlier. i used this method and passed the Upper Division Writing Exam just last quarter. i had 2 hours and i brainstormed for 1 whole hour. awesome ;D