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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UC San Diego Triton Tour!

So the results for UC acceptance came back a while back, and I got into my former top choice: Davis. But then a lot of people told me that San Deigo is a great choice as well and that I should totally check it out. So I booked a flight and a tour for today, got my sleepy bum out to the airport before 7am and sort of just stumbled onto UCSD via shuttle.

Honestly, the campus was A LOT bigger than I had imagined. I mean, I knew it is huge, but not THIS huge. It took the nice shuttle driver forever to find MyersDrive and Rupertus Lane where the Triton Center is located, and there were so many reckless divers on the way I believe I would literally be crushed if I dare to bike near the city.... Either way, UCSD was amazingly sunny today... scratch that, it was way too sunny for me since I've been stuck in a rainy bay area for a week or so with little exposure to sunlight. Yea, a hermit like me almost died of sunlight like some mythical vampire. (no offense to all vampires and vampire fans out there)

During the tour, it turns out that someone from the same school as I was there in the tour and that was pretty cool. The tour was pretty morale boosting and it made me feel that going to UCSD might not be bad at all, in fact, I'm pretty much decided on attending this UC by now. :3 I only got to see a small part of the campus and I doubt that the Triton tour covers every awesome thing that happens in there. Still, I love how the campus life is as lively as that of huge universities like those in the heart of Chicago or New York while the communities within the universities are close knitted and cared for as small private colleges. I also went :D at the fact that they've got a pretty farmer's market, too bad I was too busy staring at the food and stuff to take a picture.

A few fun/interesting/mind-pestering things I wanna share:
1. There was a seagull that stole a giant slab of pork cutlet in the Price Center (a campus heart of sorts) and flew around with in for a while. It took my 12 shots to get a proper picture of it holding the meat.
2. They give away pads and tampon samples in cute looking baggies, I was at first politely curious, then confused, then shocked, and ending with a slight sense of embarrassment as I walk away with the discovery in mind.
3. Turns out that the gigantic library, Geisel Library, glows like a light bulb at night. I wish I stayed to get a night-time picture...
4. I got myself a UCSD hoodie and a shirt, the picture of them turned out badly so maybe I'll take another one some other time. :3

Instead of getting home way late according to the flight schedule, we managed to switch our delayed flight for an earlier flight and head home for dinner at Chinatown. What a wonderful day, and I am not even suffering from headaches or muscleaches! :DDDD

Yay, go UCSD~

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