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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rainy Easter means muddy chocolate eggs for the kids...

Happy Easter to you all that celebrate today. If you don't, I guess it'd be Happy Day-when-chocolate-bunnies-are-on-sale-in-supermarkets? ;p

Since my family's asian AND non-religious(for the majority) we don't go to church nor attend festive events in our local parks where children scurry around for hidden eggs in the grass. Usually we would head to Chinatown, where there would be this fund-raising event with all-you-can-eat pancakes and sausages breakfast. As long as you buy an entrance ticket for the price of $4. Well, I didn't go this year. Mostly because there weren't enough tickets for everyone to go, and also because my sense of value for sleep has now increased beyond that of food. That's that.

So I spend the first half of the day of hallelujah in my warm and cozy bed, and the second half getting grocery with my mom. It started raining like mad around 1pm and I would've laughed at the potted plants on display outside of CVS being blown over by the wind if not for the fact that I was being steered dangerously to the left by that same gust of wind. Yea... I was wise to wear a windbreaker.

There isn't much Easter-y things I did for this day, maybe except this one Easter egg picture I did last night for my DeviantArt Pokemon group's event. My mom was confused as to why it wasn't chocolate poured over cream but cream over chocolate. Who knows, it was just in my mind. *shrugs*

On another note that has nothing to do with the day of glorifying Jesus or the marshmallow chickies, its my cousin's birthday today!!!

He's probably hanging out with his friends so maybe that's why I haven't seen nor heard of anything about him today. :C BUT that doesn't stop me from saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYMOND!!!!" here.


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  1. Thank you sisi! ;D had a great birthday. if they havent finished all the boiling crab, there should be alot left cuz i gave them all my left overs. ;D so go over tommrow night if they havent finished yet. also jim got the ipad so you can go check that out ;D. GO TO SAN DIEGO! krystle's brother kenneth got into san diego too. meow.