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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am NOT dead

Yes, yes. It has been forever (well, three weeks) since I updated my blog. But that is only because I've been very busy and very lazy... ok, I admit it, I have been procrastinating. xD Shoot me.

Since it's too much trouble updating about everything, I'll just metaphorically fly by the important/memorable things since my birthday.

There was FANime in San Jose, which might also be my last FANime in a few years since I'm going to UCSD next year. Too far to hurry back to San Jose during memorial weekends. This year I did a couple's cosplay w/ Wayne as the Pedo Bear Mafia couple, and just almost won the 'most original props' contest in the Gaia Panel if not because a mom submitted her pikachu suit wearing child as a prop... well, she did made that kid. -w- The second day of the panel, the feedback one, proved just how much of a life I don't have. In my earlier years of Gaia I used to be so bored that I would read the description of every item in the shops, and unfortunately for me, I usually remember the gist of what I've read. So when Lanzer asked the crowd if anyone knows the description of the Gaia item 'The Mistake', I was actually able to answer it and got myself an Angel Imp online item. What a nerd! xD I have honestly never stayed up til three and fours in the morning before, since I'm pretty much the type that follows a regular clock work. But during FANime I have stayed up from around 8ish til really early in the morning on most of the days because all the Yaoi events are at night. I think I shortened my life by a few years staying up late like that....

The next important thing that came afterward would probably be finals, I CAN'T believe I forgot to stay til the 6th period bell on the last day of school. I promised myself that I would screamed my lungs out on high school's last day when I was screaming my lungs out on middle school's last day, UGH!
But yea, for some odd reasons I was not emotional at all during the graduation ceremony, nor afterward. My mom says it's probably because I'm so mentally prepared for it that the blow never came. She's probably right.

Yesterday my family had a family reunion/graduation party thingie at my aunt's place. Strangely the big grill from the yard disappeared so we had to feed 14 people using a tiny grill. Hieu, Amy, Michelle, and Wayne all came with me and it was hilarious seeing my family trying to pronounce Wayne's name properly. Until just now, my mom still thought Wayne's name is spelled Waine.


Blah, I'm not motivated to write atm. So I'll just fulfill my obligation on reporting my life and be done with it for now. >:3

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