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Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Loo in the Little House Cafe

I am 18, and FINALLY got my driving permit. Why haven't I gotten mine for so long you ask? Well, it's obviously because I'm a procrastinating slob. Aka. A Snorelax. Or whatever the name of the one giant lazy bum of a pokemon is.

But yes, I have spectacularly succeeded at getting a license. Even after a seemingly ungodly amount of waiting for my number to be called at the DMV (but in reality is was only about... 45 minutes?) I was glad that my brain still worked. Ahem, that, and I was reading through the driving handbook in my spare time. -w-

After the permit test, Wayne (bless him, he drove me all around the place) and I went to that one little house cafe called Little House Cafe just by the bridge by Park St. or something. I've always passed by that little cafe whenever my mom drive me home from the orthodontist but we never got a chance to eat there, because we usually ate in Oakland already before heading home. But I was glad we got a chance to go to that place today. The menu is adorable, they put the word 'little' in almost anywhere appropriate even though their dishes are huge. And its been a long time since I went to a cafe that serves more than one type of hot chocolate on the menu, and neither was normal milk chocolate hot chocolate. They can say little all they want, but those hot chocolate cups were frigging huge. Not as big as my mocha cup (that I use for ramen) at home, but it's up there.

Food's great, and if I do my usual little 'gourmet review' here, I'd give it a good 8 out of 10 for luncheons. The price's not too high, around $10 per person. I love the modernly French atmosphere in the tiny place, and of course, the repeated motif of 'little'.

And yes, they call the tiny bathroom there "The Little Loo". I cracked up.

On a completely unrelated but cheery note, one of the potato we have grew spouts so we planted it outside our door. I won't get to eat it probably, but there'll be more little potato by this fall. :D

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