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Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Land of Great Chinese Food

Believe it or not, Canada actually has better chinese food than San Francisco. I haven't had any wonton with fresh shrimps in them for a lonnnggggg time. I was an idiot and forgot to bring a card adaptor with me and my mom's computer is too stupid to load my camera's memory stick. Hence I'm using the bride's uncle's laptop atm. Gosh, its linked to TWO screens!!!

Apparently, the bride's family and my mom are friends, and they have this disturbing interest of talking about squishing bugs and mice while atthe dinning table.

Currently in day two, and really sleepy for odd reasons. I don't have jet lag or anything but still... The bride is actually this girl ('sister)

Not enough time to keep typing, I haven't really gone anywhere yet anyways... that, and this computer's got no spell check!

Gah, it takes forever to load pics

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