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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding Day

ZMy last post was totally unfinished. But what I wanted to say was that the bride Rosita is actually someone from my childhood of whom I apparently have not much memory of, but her family moved to Canada when I was quite young so you can't blame me.

After my post yesterday they did the hair combing ceremony. In which the mother of the bride strokes the bride's hair with a comb three times, wishing for longetivity and happinessin her life. Then she sticks this herb thing with a red string in her hair and goes to bed in red pjs and slippers. Not that she got much sleep, having to sleep at 12a and get get up way early to start the hair/make up prepping for the wedding day.

The bride's 'sisters' are suppose to put up obstacle courses and trials in which the grooms and hisbest men have to pass in order to get the bride from her room. While seeing the women torture the men with elaboratedly spiced food and games I couldn't help but remember the proverb about something and something about a woman's scorn. LOL

Then they did the tea pouring, and the bride's got hella jewels and stuff hanging off her neck after the ceremony.

Unfortunately it was rainning when the wedding took place at this awesome looking church, but the bride and groomboth looked spanking. And the night dinner in chinese celebration style waseven cooler. Turns out the bride and the groom are both very, very, very good singers. They did a duet as thanks for the audience and they were seriously mind-blowing. They sounded like real idols!

Also, as a side note, I went to a stylist w/ my mom and we both got our hair done. Its my first time having SUCH curly hair and my mom with such straight-ish hair (for a long time at least).

Congratulation Rosita nad Eric, best of luck to your happy and new marriage!

*I'll load the pics later, I'm imposing on our guides of the day's computer atm.

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