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Friday, July 2, 2010

Onto Northern USA~!

Btw I was sorta shocked Brazil lost at the World Cup. O_o

I actually returned from my little Eastern Canadian trip two days ago, but still never uploaded any pictures or go in depth about my trip. So here they are! They are just some selected pictures of Niagara Fall, Quebec, and some other places I went to but can't recall the names in english (or french) because it was a Chinese tour...

Either way, the general Quebec area has this really nice Frenchy feel. Makes me think I went to France for real because it was SO HARD to communicate with the locals there who, for the most part, speaks French. My five years worth of Spanish classes are rendered useless the moment the waitress babbled something unknown to me in a restaurant. We went to this one steak house that is about $80/person, with incredibly thick steaks and cool desserts. They had this one cake named 'Death by Chocolate'! Well, I had the white cheesecake instead. It was suppose to have been award winning. Well, my blood sugar was sure breaking something.

After some intense resting both yesterday and today, which included alot of manga reading and swimming, we're all charged up and ready for the next trip. A four days Northern USA tour, starring Buffalo city, Boston, and some other places like outer NY and etc. I'll do another update either when I'm back or when I'm in New York after this Canada trip. -w- Tooties people.

On a note of Gaia, I was sorta disappointed that nothing happened to the RP I was setting up. Bleh, I guess it's b/c its so underdeveloped that I can't blame anyone. I got some great ideas from going sight seeing Quebec so I'll probably revise the plot/structure a bit when I'm back home.

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