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Monday, July 12, 2010

Heading Home

The last five-ish days in New York were extremely fun. I gotta catch up with my cousins (Ivey in particular, love you girl!) and non related 'cousins' of the family...

I just realized I forgot to take pictures with them! AND I'm in pjs... Oh well, I got a pic with my auntie and Ivey, good enough. The twins and Tommy have both grown so much! Michelle and Maggie are adorable, and it's too cute when they act exactly how Tommy did when he was a kid - yelling for me and fighting for my attention. Cute.

I feel sorta guilty for going shopping with Ivey like a mad little asian girl as I had for the last few days, but I couldn't help it! New York has NO clothing tax AND its sale time for spring and summer clothes. And trust me when I say I have no good summer clothes. Well, at least that's my excuse, my defense, as I rummage through the SALE racks in H&M. m(__)m

My other excuse, my dad was funding me.


Although I doubt I can wear much of the summer clothes in Alameda because its always so frigging COLD there, but I'm sure I'll get to put them to gooooddddd use in San Diego.

Also, I got a hair cut two days ago. This would mean tha I might have to redraw the pictures I'm using for the home page with my and the pony tail. I like my new hair style, but its starting to bounce up in funny places and I dunno how to comb it. I'll learn, soon. For now, I'll just bear with my weird bouncy hair.

Going back to Alameda on an early noon flight, and Wayne's giving me a ride from the airport to home. When I get home I'll definitely rest my heart out. And maybe let my awesome tan fade out. I've been wearing skirts and shorts (more skirts lately, it IS hot) so much that my tan is coming in nicely along my legs. And that has RARELY happened before.

-w- chilling out at Ivey's laptop atm. Need to finish packing that last 10% tonight, I bought too much I think. ANd my dad gave me too much presents to bring back, I hope it doesn't over weight the airline policy for checked luggage.

See you home, in a little more than half a day.

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