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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Viva la casa!

After suffering at the hands of Southwest airporting system and bad weather conditions for a full 15 hours, I have made it home to Alameda at last!

Due to bad weather in the morning of departure at La Guardia, my plane was halted in the gate and drive way for a total of three hours. By the time I made it to my transfer destination the next two 'protected' flights to Oakland were long gone. So, I was resorted to waiting for a plane to Phoenix, which will then grant my transfer to another plane back to Oakland along with six other passengers sharing the same destination and fate. One of the dude and I couldn't help but grin in defeat at each other as we found ourselves sitting at the waiting area for the umpteenth time that day pigging out on fast food and waiting for the plane.

Thank god Wayne was there to pick me up, I was close to starting something potentially terroristic in that airport due to all that waiting.

Well, that's enough ranting. I'm just really glad to be home where there are no noisy subways and smoke in the air. -w- and my cat, definitely pleased to see her.

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