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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor-free Labor Day

It's like, my first not-a-break-from-school Labor Day in years! I'm so used to having a week or two of school and then a three days weekend due to Labor Day that there is a strange sensation of unfairness and general displeasure at the world when I woke up this morning. But then the little voice in my head (you know, the one everyone has that sounds like some audio reader or the AT&T commercial guy?) reminded me that 'hey, at least you don't have school tomorrow!'. Then we crackled at the suckers that do and I fixed us and my mom some awesome egg-wiches.

Speaking of witches, Wayne and I went to watch Wicked last Saturday. One of the last shows in SF before they move on, a world tour I think? Because Wayne still hasn't mailed me back the picture this blog entry will once again be pictureless. Bleh. We went to watch the 2pm show and in the beginning my cutesy summery outfit was holding out sorta okay in the chill because it was relatively warm that day, but by the time we finished dinner I had to steal Wayne's giant jacket or die like a ice cube by the road. Wicked was TOTALLY AWESOME! The story is quite different from the book I've read in like 8th grade, but if you've read/watch The Wizard of Oz when you were young. You can totally make out the connection of each character between Wicked and The Wizard of Oz. Totally COOL! Also, I'll never look at Glinda the same way again... stupid 'stupid blond's stereotypes.

After Wicked Wayne and I went to Saluna, some frenchy-americany mixed restaurant that had the highest ratings in the area and supposedly pretty pricey. But I can only describe the experience with one word: DISAPPOINTMENT! The atmosphere was nice, the back of the restaurant was in a warm wine reddish color in contrast to the more tanned and brighter front of the store where the floored- class panels are. But it pretty much ends there. Sure, the presentation of the food and the hospitality level of the staff is pretty good, but they have seriously overdid it with the spices. I lost my taste buds at the Braised Pork entree, and can't really taste anything at the Hillabut Cheeks main course. Not there there was much to taste because once again, the chilli oil or whatever the heck they dumped in the dish was so insanely spicy, and the bean dish so insanely salty that I sorta lost my appetite long ago. So, with the thought 'my coming back here will depend entirely on the dessert dish' in mind I tried the bread pudding. I put down the fork about 1/3 the way and lemme tell you I have NEVER eaten so little of my dessert before. The pudding tasted really, really damp. It wasn't soft at all, it felt like eating super old sponge. The almond slices they have in between layers of the pudding either sat there too long or something, but it was incredibly hard to chew and I nearly choked during my attempts to finish the pudding. So yea, 'gravely disappointed' is the understatement of the year about the restaurant. I went home rather frozen and with less than half a full stomach.

Oh well. At least Wicked was good. -__-;

Sunday was a family reunion for me. It was a mix of celebrating my college-going and autumn's day (that was like an nonexistent theme of the party). We just basically ate alot, and almost everyone was there except Jim, because he's in NY at the moment. I've never seen Auntie Kim and her family stay in Alameda for so long before because they usually head home pretty early, but I guess they could afford to stay longer because it's Labor day today. No school. At night we all went to that one Chinese buffet that serves a lot of sea food that Sandy likes and ate for like two hours. It was hilarious how everyone in the restaurant were waiting for the lobsters served in the first two five-minutes of the hour. My uncle and aunt weren't lucky enough to catch the first round of lobster when we were there, and by sheer coincident I managed to catch the second round of the second round when I was going to get my desserts. I cracked up when the dude next to me literally snatched the pincher from me when I was done with it. xD Gosh.

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