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Friday, September 10, 2010

Packing for UCSD

Digging up super old and unused bags, clearing out the surface of the desk I almost forgot I have, and basically breathing in the dust while cleaning up the mess and packing the salvaged-mess are all that I've been doing for the past week. Normally just packing shouldn't take so much time or effort, but I am also doing my procrastinated 'summer clean-up' at the same time. So, yea, bum up.

With less than a week left on the calender before I'm flying to the land of beaches and pandas(zoo-captivated), I bristled through my seeming vortex like closet and the pile of school stuff from... uh, 2008 and on(?) lying on my room floor. I must admit it is refreshing to see the color of my room carpet again, even if it's the same color as the rest of the house. There just doesn't seem to be an end to what to pack, there's always a few more sweaters possibly needed for a chilly night of studying or maybe an extra hat to fend of the darn San Diego sun. Not to mention those bulky and impossibly shaped racks and shelves I'm bring along for the desk, just HOW am I'm going to fit all that in 4 suitcases?

Well, I could abandon my anime posters and pulshies...


I kicked and I jumped(on the suitcases, now I wish I weight more), I injured my toe kicking and I missed the jump and went head first to the corner of my bed post. I did a lot of tedious manual labor that an awesome creature like myself really shouldn't be forced to do, and only ended up packing two suitcases. Yups, two more to go, and less than... uh, three days left to keep packing.

It's official, I'm not getting any sleep soon. xD

On another note, I'm getting a Macbook Pro when I get to UCSD. Picking it up from the computer store I think. I'm so nervous about using an osx, because I've really never used it. I hope I can get Photoshop and my tablet to work on that thing. And I still haven't gotten a portable mouse, or a computer bag (I wanted this one but it's quite pricey and huge for my not very muscular back). I have a load of deadlines for dA on the 15th of Oct and I sure hope I can manage. Well, I got one of the drafts done already so I might not die as badly. Since I quit some other groups a few days ago due to the stress breaking my mentality and artistic skillz down like crazy, now I feel lighter, and more bored.

I was lectured on various things today by my mom, mostly about the finer points on packing and unpacking, as well as the appropriate way of preparing one's drawers and closet so they are fit for clothes. I actually already knew all this but the last time I did it was years ago, a reminder helped lots.

I shall share my knowledge with my readers so we will all evade a fate of suffering from lice and whatever parasites that lurks in dorms.

1. Wipe the surfaces and inner parts of the drawers/closets clean with a 1:99 ration of bleach and water. (vaccum before hand if needed)
2. Line the surfaces of the drawers/closets used for placing clothes with a layer of padding. Pages of a relatively new magazine would suffice.
3. Place a few fabric softener sheets in the drawers/closet. Some under the layer of padding and some among the clothes placed in the drawers/closet.
4. Change the padding and sheets every time you clear out the drawers/closeet.

Ain't I so loved? I feel loved. <3 Pfft.

I'm hanging out my friends tomorrow one last time before 'summer' 'ends' for us and we shoot off for college. Meh, I've been so busy I haven't been able to make any of the plushies I wanted to make, guess that'll have to sit until some other time.

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