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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

O mah pearly whites--!

Yesh! I got my braces taken off today! I feel so strange now, it's like I'm wearing dentures instead of my real teeth. My teeth also feels alot more vulnerable now that it's lacking it's great armor of steel and rubber-bands.... However, even the great joy of being freed from 4 year's worth of pain was dimmed by a devastating news from UCSD today: ALL THE CHEM6A CLASSES ARE FULL!

FULL! I tell you! And I don't get to begin enrolling until tomorrow at 2pm! What am I suppose to do when the wait lists are bouncing up to double digits even AFTER they opened 10 more seats for each class today? Another great tragedy was that the seminar class I wanted, BILD87, was booked full as well. ;A; There was 6 empty spots yesterday, and by the time I checked this afternoon the wait list has grown to waiting. 6 now. OTL

I am in DESPAIR! It's not fair that there's so little classes here! Pay the professors more! Make to work more shifts! I dunno, DO SOMETHING UCSD! >A< *flails*

At this rate I might be taking a language course (intended for summer) this quarter instead of later... yea. And somehow do Chem6a another time. Even though I'll be VERY busy next year as well. Some upper-classmen told me that freshmen don't get a lot of priority because of our lack of units, and they I probably won't get any luck at chem6a next quarter either if so many people didn't get in this quarter already.... DOOM!

Yea, so I'm in great gloom atm. Using this as an excuse I will not be uploading my shiny tooth pics because that would also mean that I'll have to organize my photos... which is too much of a hassle for me now. I'll do it after I've safely enrolled in classes... yea?

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