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My Simplicity Complex is my first blog. It seems like everyone is making one of these now-a-days so I decided that it is time to join the fad.
This blog will function as something like a diary or a journal log for myself concerning my new college life or just about life in general.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Packing DONE!

Yay! Just finished kicking and punching the suitcases and battling with the laws of Physics. Mothers, at moments like those, can make even such an impossible seem like a rather fun challenge. I swear, the art of space-conserving packing is such a difficult thing to master. It's like doing a puzzle, shifting pieces and you'd normally never think of shifting and cramming them into a limited space, creating more free space... and then the rest it all about strength and how hard you can push those suckers into that suitcase.

Gotta clean up the room tomorrow and stuff, Raymond's suppose to gimme the Photoshop and Microsoft Office disc by tomorrow... but at this rate I'll have to contact the guy again. Ah well, he's probably busy or something. -w-

I'm so excited/nervous/anxious/scared/happy/freaked out about going to UC San Diego on Wed that I'm getting jitter bugs for it, whatever it means!

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